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A brand new Foursquare, with a brand new logo and look, is almost ready for you →


Everyone explores the world differently – guided by their own unique tastes, their friends, and the people they trust. Local search has never been good at this. It doesn’t get you, and, as a result, everyone gets the same one-size-fits-all results. Why should two very different people get the…

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this is the best thing in the entire world

i’m actually crying

fucking turtles, man

it;s like, they know

Omg it’s real.

Please :D

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How Google designed Android L by The Verge

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  • Te libero de mí, de mis males, de mi malgenio, de los domingos por la tarde en donde nunca puedo más, del odio a mis cumpleaños, de no saber como hacer para regalarte algo que no pierdas. Te libero de mi desengaño, de tu karma, de mis novedades, de la contradicción que represento. Te libero de mis llamadas que te saben a auto compasión, de mis enredos, de mi cabello suelto, largo, sin peinar. Te libero de mis consciencia, del desconcierto a fin de mes, de la caída, de la llegada, de mi huida inevitable. Te dejo libre para que me dejes, para que me veas de lejos y me quieras, menos…

    — Mario Benedetti (via gabyal)


Cómo sobrevivir al Mundial si no te gusta el futbol.


    Cómo sobrevivir al Mundial si no te gusta el futbol.


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    This block is incredible. Still pretty dense with housing, but only one of them is occupied. If you go a block to the west, the housing stock changes to brick and the neighborhood looks pretty stable.

    The New York Times visited this block during the Motor City Mapping survey:

    "Blight, as Karl Baker, one Detroit resident, has seen, tends to spread. Along his block of Hazelridge Street on the East Side, he is the only remaining tenant. “Everyone went bye-bye,” Mr. Baker said the other day as he walked up the center of the silent street to get to his house since no sidewalks had been shoveled.

    Most of the houses nearby are standing but abandoned, and visitors have clearly passed through — empty liquor bottles lie along debris-covered floors near broken windows and doors, every memory of a metal appliance or gutter seems to be gone from some of the homes, and two old couches that were dumped along a lawn are now blanketed by a thick layer of snow.

    The last neighbor left six months ago, he said, and the single streetlight overhead has not worked for months. “I love the quiet, but if something went wrong, the city isn’t going to come,” Mr. Baker said. “They don’t do anything.”